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With a technology growing environment, it’s important to keep our eyes under utmost care. Our results are direct from our shoppers and we promise our outcomes serve the best of you

What Makes Ocufresh® Eye Drops So Special?

In a developing digital world, Ocufresh promises a quick relief remedy for the eye from the strain caused by resources and technology, making the eye dry and teary. Our brand represents the softness of our ingredients, with clinically-tested preservatives, that moisturizes the eye deeply and instantly, lasting upto 8 hours. Our products completely support contact lenses and this simply means Relief Anytime, Anywhere

OUR Products

Your eyes may feel dry, irritated & uncomfortable. You may experience a gritty, burning sensation when you blink although dry eye should not cause any significant pain.
There is no data to confirm safety but we are not aware of any potential adverse effects. If you’re unsure please consult your doctor.
Ocufresh’s C Lubricating eye drops, Ocufresh’s PF Dry eyes HA 0.2% drops, Ocufresh’s PF Dry + Irritated eyes spray
Depends on the frequency of use; Can be expected to last about 40 days with regular usage in both eyes (for eye drops products)
Take regular breaks from computer/mobiles, blink as often as you can, try turning the heating or air con down a bit to avoid drying out your eyes, try to keep your place well ventilated, regularly apply Ocufresh eye drops if you wear contact lenses and that includes even when your eyes are not irritated.
Tricky question, we cannot really recommend that they store it in a fridge!


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